The Phaneron

by Animus Complex

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The Phaneron is a quest - a yearning for change, purpose and direction through a series of psychedelic/spiritual encounters.


"Animus Complex’s album Phaneron can actually be described as if Periphery and Devin Townsend decided to watch scary movies together which inspired them to sonically illustrate Homer’s The Odyssey, but based it off of Karnivool records pressed out of Peyote."

- Marcus Meng 98 KUPD “Into The Pit” Host/Producer


"This album will make you feel uncomfortable, this album will make you feel euphoric, this album will make you stop, multiple times and just say ‘God damn!’, but just keep listening."

- Andre / The Arizona Breakdown


released July 13, 2019

© 2019 Animus Complex

Album written by:

Jeremy Davis - Guitar/Vocals
Matt Turkington - Vocals
Michael Ohlson - Drums
Nick Gutenson - Bass

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by:
Jeremy Davis / Metasonic Studios

Album Cover by Matt Turkington
Card/Song Artwork by Travis Gillan


all rights reserved



ANIMUS COMPLEX Phoenix, Arizona

Animus Complex is a Phoenix-based band that combines intelligent groove and soaring melodies to make for a mysterious audible adventure into the further reach. Animus Complex has shared the stage with Animals As Leaders, Devin Townsend, Tesseract, Between The Buried And Me, Monuments, Intervals, Plini, Angel Vivaldi and many more. ... more

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Track Name: Clarity
"Now, let me just make something perfectly clear..."
Track Name: Animals
Always searching for something more
I gaze into the windows of my soul
Could this be the answer I’ve been looking for?
I begin the voyage and unlock the door
Ancient knowledge flowing through me
Could this be the answer?
Only time will tell...
Faster, through the light, as my skin begins to tear and peel
Preconceived notions disappear within the wind I say, “I am”
We’ll all waste away, until the worms crawl through our skulls
We’re all animals
Coursing through my veins
Committed mind and body
Reality dissolves to reveal a strange new place
Track Name: Bow
“Bow before me child
This is not the time for questioning
But the time for great self-reflection and reckoning”
I can feel it in my bones
Track Name: Misery
The screams of a child
Never meant to walk this earth
Born from a serpent, fathered by ignorance.
Bent over and broken
Given the tools to hate this world
Oh tell me your troubles
As you count your gold
“How much hate can the heart hold
Before it poisons the soul”
(poisons your soul)
Fear, confusion, dismay
Emotions restrain the path of true self
Anxiety, Depression, self hatred
Molded by that in which we reflect
Misery cloaked by misfortune
You are the oppressing god
Edify spirit and mind
Or you shall rot from within
“How much hate can the heart hold
Before it poisons the soul”
Poisons your soul
Edify spirit and mind or rot from within
Track Name: Voice Within
Constant struggle to make ends meet
Crowded minds and busy streets
They make accusations and ask questions later
It’s becoming harder just to breathe
I'm trying to love, I’m trying to find the voice within.
While the branches fight they fail to see,
We're all temporal extensions of the ancient tree
Time and circumstance
It can be quite strange
I saw it written in the sky
Drain your essence to preserve the high
Preserve the high
Between order and chaos
It’s a tough place to be
Between order and chaos
It’s the best place to be
Track Name: Becoming
I am created from the stars
Flesh and ego to unite
A lost entity in search of confirmation
I give my soul unto this day and accept this knowledge as my light
Forever flowing beyond my illumination
May my passage free my mind, breaking the quandary of my soul
The axiom of my reality
I am becoming
We are becoming
I am
Track Name: Limitless
Twilight orbs, they flow
Upward motion into the grinding stone
Do not fear to express true joy
The Universe is always listening
Allow the soul to chase that which is meaningful
But do remember, balance in all things
Trust in the sunrise
Even if you can’t feel its rays
Or when your day is full of sorrow
Know that in time it will fade
Upward motion into the grinding stone
Do not be fooled, You will not pass unscathed
Pain is confirmation from the universe that you’re alive
Always spinning
Unforgiving it may seem
Press your knife into the grinding stone
Cut the rope that stops your forward motion
Track Name: To The I And Self
Left unattended, the gates have been breached
All beacons of hope have been silenced to sleep
Oh it passing through us like wind in the - tree is barren of leaves
The night twists and coils while distorting this reality
Preaching love thy neighbor
But spewing vitriol
They wonder why we’re broken
But they’re dressed in Satan’s silk
Assemble all good people
Become pillars of light
Chase it from your spirit
Cast it back into night
Back into the night
Track Name: Reckoning
You must pay in blood to understand
By climbing the mountain made of broken glass
Everybody wants to take the shortcut
So eager to imitate
Don’t avoid the very catalyst for long lasting change
Through self reflection you’ll align with clarity
“Tell me what you know!
I don’t have all fucking day!
Did you hear me?!
Or else be cursed to exile from the sun!”
I’m sorry to tell you, but there’s no other way...
Perspective is a privilege for those who risk the climb
Track Name: Permanence
You’re giving all you can
The chalice slowly slips from your hand
Father, death has persistence
Mother, it knows your name
Brother, surrender is not defeat
Sister, assimilation begins
Always running from existence
I’ll pretend I didn’t see it
Lemme hang for just a little while
I’m afraid of what’s behind closed doors
They told me it would be different...
Permanence of Death
Standing at the precipice...
They told me it would be different!
Nothing’s what it seems
There’s always deeper meaning
Hidden within the deepest chasm
There is a point of origin
Eat, drink and be merry, (for tomorrow we die)
Eat, drink and be merry
Now is the time to say what you mean
Commit to the life that you want to lead
There’s no more running from your greatest fear

*Final spoken word performed by Jeremy Davis

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